A-0470 New Cut

The final pieces

A-0506 Indy #5


Pre pour construction video for a new machine.

A-0497 4Over


Final construction update detailing facility renovation for tenant turnover at the lease end

A-0499 Turning Point


Weekly construction update starts for the new office construction.

A-0470 New Cut

A-0497 August 21, 2020


Weekly construction update

A-0470 New Cut August 21, 2020


Construction begins this week with the interior renovation for a tenant finish out. The Interior warehouse is 140,000 sq. ft.

A-0488 3899 Ste. 101

Allegiant has spent the last month doing white box renovations on multiple sites. This is the most current. Full demolition of mock walls and flooring. New LED high bay lights on sensors. The Interior office has been repainted bright white. New LED flat panel lighting installed in the office. New carpet tiles replaced the existing broadloom carpet.

A-0401 L5 March 24, 2020

Allegiant Construction is doing its best to create safe work areas. We strive to keep subcontractors safe while the Covid 19 virus pandemic is in our State. Talking to our subcontractors’ employees daily and asking them to socially distance themselves while onsite. Giving individual work area assignments daily to keep our guys safe and employed. Our teams are essential. Keeping them safe and healthy is also essential. We need them to keep our infrastructure in peak performance.

A-0401 L5 January 14, 2020

Polishing a floor slab. The 6th pass on the floor slab. We are using the walk behind floor scrubber. Using a set of 3M 800 grit diamond pads.