A-0499 Turning Point


Weekly construction update starts for the new office construction.

A-0470 New Cut

A-0497 August 21, 2020


Weekly construction update

A-0401 L5 March 24, 2020

Allegiant Construction is doing its best to create safe work areas. We strive to keep subcontractors safe while the Covid 19 virus pandemic is in our State. Talking to our subcontractors’ employees daily and asking them to socially distance themselves while onsite. Giving individual work area assignments daily to keep our guys safe and employed. Our teams are essential. Keeping them safe and healthy is also essential. We need them to keep our infrastructure in peak performance.

A-0401 L5 January 14, 2020

Polishing a floor slab. The 6th pass on the floor slab. We are using the walk behind floor scrubber. Using a set of 3M 800 grit diamond pads.

A-0401 L5 Construction Update

At the end of the week for November 15, 2019 L5 is starting to pick up the pace. Still not where we wanted to be, but getting there. Tilt panels are receiving their primer coat and elastomeric coating. The medium texture is starting it’s install this week coming. The roof is getting finalized with the stripping in of break metal and gutters. Mezzanine construction is complete and will pour on Monday, November 18th. The floor slab was removed in its entirety and will be replaced the week of 18 November. The wet cure will insure it’s final cure is impeccable. All utilities are connected at this time with roof top units setting this week coming.

A-0428 Scooters Triple B’s Construction Update

Scooters Triple B’s restaurant is moving at full steam. The last four weeks have yielded barn wood finishes, barn tin wainscot, restroom finishes, HVAC units set and ready for operation. The exterior paint is 90% complete. Exterior plumbing work is 95% complete. Kitchen construction has begun and we’re coming in for the completion date at the end of the month.

A-0401 July 24, 2019 Weekly construction update


A-0401 L5 Weekly Construction Update 11 July 2019

Foundation process has started on Progress Way.  500 linear feet of perimeter footings were installed today.  Installation of plumbing & fire suppression sleeves installed.  This will allow an easier transition for construction rough.  Front retention basin construction is continuing as well as seeding and straw application for soil retention.