Construction Management

Construction Management is Allegiant Construction’s best asset. The ability to take a concept and manage the progress to turning over the keys and the simple nuances of scheduling so that time management is honed to razor-sharp precision and the project has less time to be inundated with over-run possibilities cannot be underestimated. That ability means more time for customer integration into the project and an expedited goal of having the customer generate revenue.

Let’s be honest – if a customer can’t produce revenue in an accelerated time frame, construction and renovation management hasn’t completed its main task. That is what Allegiant does. We get you in the building, secure your position & turn revenue.

Allegiant can take any project in any phase and nurture it to success. Specializing in subcontractor management & integrating tenant infrastructure and assisting new facility management teams with facility familiarization, we also provide management of consultants and design professionals in the programming phases of early stages of projects.

"Chris Guffey distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well researched and well run projects. Chris kept the client happy & completed his project within our budgets."

- Mike Delvisco

"Thanks Chris. Project was well done. The building looks great and I hope everyone is pleased with how this project has turned out."

- Phil Charmoli

"We definitely recommend Chris Guffey & Allegiant Construction to anyone, & we definitely will use them in the future for further renovation to our building."

- Laurie Luckett