New Construction

Does your project literacy allow you to have civil, architectural and structural design resources? Chances are Allegiant has already worked with those individuals on previous projects. Along with commercial real estate agents, we are the resource you want at your disposal. Projects usually takes about 6-8 months of design, submission of Development Plans, Planning Commission, & notices of intent. Let Allegiant assist in creating your new construction timeline to work in your favor. Keep in mind that being frugal is the point of a construction budget. Single-source, appropriate-scale resources will meet your needs and allow you to budget for things that matter.

Allegiant can assist your new construction project in any phase of its design and continue coordination and programming thru to completion. Allegiant Construction knows these time frames, has the resources to a third power, and knows how to guide our customers along a timeline that is valued-engineered & successful.

"Chris Guffey distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well researched and well run projects. Chris kept the client happy & completed his project within our budgets."

- Mike Delvisco

"Thanks Chris. Project was well done. The building looks great and I hope everyone is pleased with how this project has turned out."

- Phil Charmoli

"We definitely recommend Chris Guffey & Allegiant Construction to anyone, & we definitely will use them in the future for further renovation to our building."

- Laurie Luckett