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Industry and Louisville go hand-in-hand and are the backbone of our local economy. Top-tier companies like Ford & UPS live & die by 3PL subcontractors. Third Party logistics are providing the infrastructure that move today’s post covid economy. Allegiant has been here from the start. The industry needs components, shipping, and resources that can adapt to shut-downs and tight time frames.

Allegiant projects include infrastructure for Industry 3PL giants. Material lines are constantly becoming more efficient.  Electrical systems need to be made more efficient and function with the changing needs of business models.  New machines need new foundations with the always adapting landscape of business.  Allegiant's clients welcome us in to work in conjunction with facility managers & their guidelines.  We handle our customers' needs implicitly.


Allegiant Construction

"Great looking project. Thank you for the smooth and relatively seamless project delivery. One of the easier projects from my perspective I have had in a while; thank you, Chris! "

- Brett Krenz, Sr. PM, Lowes Companies

"Looks great! As always, thanks for these updates."

- Tom Rickenbaker, Lowes

"Great job as always Allegiant! Looks great!"-

- Steve Stein, Exeter Property Group

"Chris Guffey distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well researched and well run projects. Chris kept the client happy & completed his project within our budgets."

- Mike Delvisco, Summit Construction

"Thanks Chris. Project was well done. The building looks great and I hope everyone is pleased with how this project has turned out."

- Phil Charmoli, Commercial Kentucky

"We definitely recommend Chris Guffey & Allegiant Construction to anyone, & we definitely will use them in the future for further renovation to our building."

- Laurie Luckett, Louisville Prosthetics

Our Work

A-0544 San Bernadino, CA

Industrial foundation project.

A-0549 Huber Heights, Ohio

Remedial construction on existing maintenance facility. 

A-0401 L 5